If you're in search of a morning masterpiece that combines flavor, nutrition, and a touch of gourmet goodness, this recipe is for you!

Lemon cashew spread, smashed avocado, and halloumi, all on one sourdough toast. This flavour combination will surely not disappoint you. 

Avocado Toast


  • Filthy Fit Lemon Cashew Spread
  • Ripe avocado, smashed
  • Slices of halloumi cheese
  • Slices of your favorite bread (sourdough, whole grain, or any preferred choice)


  1. Start by toasting slices of your favorite bread to perfection. Whether you opt for the rustic charm of sourdough or the healthful goodness of whole grain, the choice is yours.
  2. Begin by generously spreading a layer of Filthy Fit Lemon Cashew Spread on each slice of toast. 
  3. On top of the Lemon Cashew Spread, carefully place a portion of smashed avocado. Don't forget to mix in a pinch of sea salt in the smashed avo to make the flavours come out.

  4. Next, add slices of halloumi cheese to your toast. Halloumi is known for its ability to be grilled or pan-fried without melting, giving you a savory, slightly salty, and satisfyingly chewy element.

  5. If you're feeling extra fancy, consider garnishing your toast with fresh herbs such as basil, chives, or parsley. These herbs not only add a burst of color but also enhance the overall aroma and taste.
  6. Time to enjoy every bite of your extra special avo on toast.



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