It is never too many versions for porridge. To make it more exciting, I prepared a hot version using Filthy Fit Chili Cweat cashew butter and some exotic fruits. Spice goes really well with pineapples and mango too, but you can use different fruits to your favour that is easier to find in the supermarkets. 

Perfect breakfast that will keep you going for a long while. 
Chili Cweat Oatmeal - Filthy Fit recipe

Ingredients for one portion:

60 g oats

120 ml milk of your choice

1 teaspoon Chili Cweat nut butter



Cashew nuts

Dark chocolate



Add the oats and the milk to a pot and cook over medium heat stirring frequently until creamy. 

Stir in the dark chocolate and top with fruits of your choice, cashews and a spoon of Chili Cweat Cashew Butter.

Chili Cweat Oatmeal - Filthy Fit recipe



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