I am an absolute fan of pistachio. I actually haven’t met a single person yet who said they don’t like it. I use pistachio in recipes just time to time because of the hefty price, but on those rare occasions I love indulging myself and my family with it. 

This no-bake pistachio shortbread with dark chocolate layer is healthy, vegan, gluten-free and totally worth the time invested. Make sure to make a decent batch, so you won’t need to start making another later, on the same day. 😊

I used a smaller square-shaped baking tray for these measures but feel free to double up and use a larger tray.

Chocolate Pistachio Shortbread - Filthy Fit recipe


For the shortbread:

75 g oat flour

25 g coconut flour

3 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp coconut oil

Drop of vanilla essence

For the pistachio layer:

100 g pistachio kernels

1 tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of sea salt

Chocolate layer:

30 g dark chocolate 


Combine all ingredients together in a mixing bowl for the shortbread. 

Line a small square-shaped baking tray with baking paper and transfer the shortbread mixture into the tray. Press it down firmly and evenly. 

Put the tray in the fridge while you are preparing the pistachio layer. 

Measure the pistachio, the maple syrup, and the salt and process in a blender for about half a minute, until broken down. 

Transfer the sticky pistachio layer into the baking tray on the top of the shortbread press firmly and evenly. Transfer it back to the fridge for another half an hour. 

Melt the dark chocolate over boiling water, or in the microwave and pour on top of the pistachio layer. Transfer it back to the fridge again until the chocolate becomes solid. 

Chocolate Pistachio Shortbread - Filthy Fit recipe



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