Here is an old childhood favourite in a much healthier way. Probably here in England cottage cheese is not an extremely popular ingredient in recipes, but I think this is something that most people would like. 

We made these balls with breadcrumbs and lots of sugar back home 20 years ago with my grandmother, but I found this creative alternative recipe and didn’t regret making them as it really reminded me of the good old times, but completely guilt-free. 

Cottage Cheese Balls - Filthy Fit recipe

Ingredients for 8 balls:

220 g cottage cheese

1 egg

85 g oats

60 g erythrite

Juice and zest of half lemon

A touch of vanilla essence

3 tbsp sour cream

0.5 tsp sweet cinnamon (cassia)


Mix all ingredients together with a fork in a mixing bowl until combined and put in the fridge to rest for half an hour. 

Form 8 snowball-sized cottage cheese balls with your hands and cook them in salted lightly boiling water for a few minutes. They are ready when floating on the top. If they are falling apart, you can reshape them as soon as cools down a bit. 

Serve with sour cream, sweet cinnamon and fresh fruits.

Cottage Cheese Balls - Filthy Fit recipe



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