Turkey is not just for Christmas. We tend to forget about using turkey meat in our everyday life but it’s flavourful, can be used in various ways and it’s a rich supply of nutrients. 

I like using turkey or chicken because they are high in protein that fuels my body during exercising, and I don’t like that heavy feeling in my stomach after eating red meat. 

In this recipe I chose brussel sprouts and bulgur as a side dish to balance the tanginess of the Peacante peanut butter used spread over the turkey breasts. You don’t need to use any spices but salt to season the meat because the Peacante peanut butter is made with spicy paprika which is strong enough in flavour and pleasantly hot. This lovely turkey recipe is delicious, filling and doesn't need much preparation time. 

Turkey Breast With Peacante - Filthy Fit recipe

Serves 2 people.


4 slices of thin turkey breast steaks

4 tablespoons Peacante peanut butter


Brussel sprouts

Sea salt & black pepper

Olive oil


Season the turkey steaks with sea salt and pan-fry on a splash of olive oil about 3-4 minutes each side. Set aside to cool down.

Cook the bulgur for about 15 minutes in boiling water. 

Cut the brussel sprouts in halves and pan-fry on some olive oil. Add a splash of water after a few minutes and simmer until soft. 

Spread a spoon of Peacante peanut butter on each turkey breast steaks and roll up. 

Turkey Breast With Peacante - Filthy Fit recipe



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