Hi there!

Thanks for taking the time to read our story!

My name is Evelin and I co-founded Filthy Fit with my husband.

In a nutshell, we are a health conscious brand, not only for health conscious people.

Short story long: Just like most of you, we like luscious food. Thinking here about a banging cake, or a proper wellington. You choose! If it is fit and healthy, that’s just the cherry on the top.
We are also nuts about nuts and big adventurers of spicy dishes. This is how we happened to make a batch of filthy delicious spicy peanut butter using our favorite spice, a ground paprika straight from our home town. From that day we started testing this nut butter on every kind of food, from a piece of toast through meaty dishes and vegan stuff, even on cookies - no judgment please. We spent quite a bit of time perfecting this nut butter recipe to make it as unique as possible for you.

Then we had this other idea: The Ultimate Cinnamon Vanilla Peanut Butter - Filthy Fit. Cinnamon and vanilla goes better with cookies, doesn't it?
Ideas came and went since, but the enthusiasm stayed and the persistence to improve our products (leave feedback on our product pages). These are our own original recipes that make us unique and special.
Either you are following a healthy lifestyle, or just want some healthier alternatives without giving up the joy of a delicious meal, we are here for you.
We chose to work with spices like no other brands do, because spices can provide all the flavors a dish would need, so cooking and baking with our nut butters is easy and won’t require lots of other ingredients. This is why chefs love to work with our products and restaurants and gym’s cafes have items on their menus using Filthy Fit nut butters.

Our products are equally suitable for food junkies and plant-based diet followers too, as they go equally well with a juicy meat, or with an oatmeal making them exceptionally flavourful and diverse.
One of our missions is to spread the ideas to avoid only spreading them on toast.
If you need inspiration for recipes, please check our feed on our website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. You will find filthy and fit recipes too, so you can choose or you won't. Because with our products you can be both at the same time. You can be filthy fit.

Evelin & Imi