1. What are the shipping terms?

All packages have a delivery charge of £3. We aim to dispatch all orders within 3 working days but as quick as possible. The orders will be sent out with our 2-3 working day Royal Mail delivery service. 

2. What packaging are you using?

For our nut and seed butters we are using safe, recyclable, environment friendly PET packaging. We fill recycled paper pouches with our savoury snacks and butter bites.

3. What is a butter bite?

Butter bites are sweet snacks made from one of our nut or seed butters, oats and milk. They are naturally sweetened with honey.

4. What can I use the savoury nut/seed butters for?

You can simply spread it on your morning toast or check out the Filthy Feed where you can find exciting recipes using our savoury butters too.

5. What is the shelf life of your nut/seed butters?

All our nut/seed butters have a shelf life of 12 months from production. After opening they are best to be used within 2 months stored at a cool, dry place. 

6. What ingredients are you using for your products?

We are using natural ingredients in our products, like nuts, seeds, herbs, spices, cocoa, coconut, honey or dark chocolate. For better texture we add British non GMO rapeseed oil to some of our products, we do NOT ever use palm oil.

7. Do you accept cancellations?

Normally not, but if you did a mistake ordering, please email us to hello@filthyfit.co.uk and we might accept your cancellation if your order hasn't been dispatched yet.

8. Do you do refunds?

If we accidently get your order wrong or you receive the items damaged (this need to be approved by the Filthy Fit team as well) or you haven't received your order, please contact us on hello@filthyfit.co.uk and we can resend the order or refund the amount paid. 

9. Why is there oil on the top of my nut/seed butter?

The oil separation in nut and seed butters is totally normal, please ensure to give them a good mix before use.

10. Do I need to keep my nut/seed butters refrigerated after opening?

No, just keep them at a cool, dry place. If you feel like your butter is a bit too solid, put them in a bit warmer spot of the kitchen or place the jar in a bowl of hot water for a few minutes just before use.

11. Are you selling worldwide?

At the moment we are only selling in the United Kingdom, but we welcome enquiries for orders abroad. Please contact us on hello@filthyfit.co.uk.

If you have any more questions, please send us an email to hello@filthyfit.co.uk and we will get back to you as soon as possible.